Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The new reward system

This year we have a new system in our school it is called the click card system. At the end of each school day you will get a click on your card which has 40 click card spaces depending if your behaviour has been acceptable. Once you get 40 clicks on your card you will get a band depending on the colour of your house. Once you get three bands which is equal to 120 clicks you automatically get a stars badge. If you are rewarded a stars card from any of the teachers or principals you will need to write your name down on the card and your room number. Once you have filled out you card you go to the entrance of the library and you will find ten boxes put your card in your houses container. Every house hui your syndicate leader of your house will draw out two cards and if you get picked out of the box you will be given out a coupon for something. At the end of each term one star card is drawn from each house container and will be give a stars hoodie. At the end of the year all the houses card will get mixed together and one star card will get draw out for a bike.

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