Wednesday, 21 May 2014

200 word story

  1. A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.

I woke up on my bed feeling sleepy and depressed, the doors creaking silently...Drip Drip I look to my right and I stare at the window cill watching the water drip. I pull of my sheets and walk slowly to my dresser. I grab some clothes and i see a shimmering light of silver on my index finger. I look to my finger and there it was a ring a stolen ring the body of the ring was curved and the letter S on the side...I see visions of what happened yesterday and it all starts flooding back to me.

I was in a bar asking for a drink of beer, I sit down and a sinister stranger starts talking to me
"What's your fear, what do you dread the most in the world?" the stranger asked I was feeling uncomfortable to say anything but the words slipped out of my hands like someone trying to grab water.
"Spiders" I crocked he smiled and opened his mouth to speak
"well I have a cure for that, if you follow this path i looked at the piece of paper in excitement as he was talking " it will take you to a cave with a ring in the middle but the path is treacherous. He stopped talking. I took the map and walked out the bar and followed the trail. The path was treacherous with rivers and mountains i soon reached the cave and the ring was there but as soon as i touched it spiders came flooding towards me I screamed I put the ring on and at that moment I wasn't scared of spiders and with that moment in my mind i smiled and walked out of the cave.

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