Monday, 8 December 2014


Chile football shorts for my brother to match his chile t-shirt. 19.00
Croc Sandals for my Mum 40.00
A pool toy for our pool.54.00

For Miss C a Sunbeam mixer. 120.00

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Virtual tour

Virtual tours, they are a good use of sending knowledge and experiences over the internet. A virtual tour is a simulation of a place around the world that allow you to experience: pictures, videos and much more. While the tour is going it will give you information of the place you are visiting.The highlights of virtual tours are that they are very accessible on the internet, they give you high definition pictures and give you important information to the specific topic you are touring. My opinion on virtual tours are that they are an awesome use of knowledge to people that would like to visit other countries but haven't got the money to, though with every project there are flaws. Some problems with tours are that they can be outdated, really slow and you don't get the feeling of being there. A great site for virtual tours is . It has a wide variety of places you can explore for example hotels, restaurants, travel destinations, real estates, businesses and events and venues.The site makes you feel you are there at that exact moment. Another bonus is that there is a voice recording that speaks to you and gives you plenty of useful knowledge.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Japanese students

3 questions for the Japanese students:HOw do you manage to get through all the school work?

Sunday, 23 November 2014


what is an internet forum?
An internet forum is an online dicussion about a certain topic.
Have you ever posted on a forum? Explain.
Yes i have posted on a internet forum. It was a question about how the apple id system works. I replyed by clicking reply and write my responce and confirmed the reply.

what is a thread?
a thread is a topic that has been posted on a forum.

what is the forums administrater job?
The forums adminastraitors job is to make sure the forum is up to date, to decide what catigories should be made and so on.

What are different names for forum?

find a link for a forum for these topics

What do you think the rules are for a forum?
I think no swearing is allowed, faking information and advertising material.

What do you think the consequences are for breaking the forum rules?
I think the consequences could be them deleting your account and if there were like ratings maybe that would get lowered.

Life ed movie

For each heading explain how well this aspect was done

What was done well?
Our camera stillness was good and didn't shake so often.
What wasn’t done well?
Our acting wasn't good and we needed to speak louder.
What would you improve if you had more time?
I think we would improve the script and the acting skills because most of our main characters were away and had to deal with other situations.

Sound quality: I think our quality was ok because sometimes it would vary between different shots. There wasn't as much background noise in our videos so that wasn't a problem.

Camera skill:




Quality of the life education message in your movie (the Script): realism, was it a good message?


Sunday, 16 November 2014


What two things do you need to describe an enlargement?
How big it has moved and where the centre or enlargement.

What is the centre of enlargement 
The centre of enlargement is where if you put two lines going out  and it should reach the tips of the bottom and top of both triangles.

what is a scale factor?
A scale factor is a number that tells you how much you have to enlarge the shape.

What happens to the angle sizes in the corner of the shape when you enlarge it?
Nothing happens to the angles when you enlarge the shape because they are always the same.