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What is a time zone?
A 'Time Zone' refers to any of the 24 regions of the Earth’s surface, they are divided by longitude, in which standard time is kept.
Why do we have time zones?
We have timezones because they are suited to were we are in the world.

How are the time zones set?
Each time zone is 15 degrees of longitude in width, and observes a clock time one hour earlier than the zone immediately to the east.

Which direction does the Earth rotate? (clockwise or anticlockwise)
The earth spins counter clock wise

How many time zones are there altogether?
Thee are 24 different time zones.

What are the time zones named?
Which time zone is New Zealand part of?
We are part of this time zone: (UTC+12:00)
Name 2 other countries which are also in our time zone.
Tokelau and Samoa

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