Monday, 1 September 2014

Story writing

From what I can remember I had a couple of concussions but I don't know how long those were so,  I guess around two weeks. I'm here to discover a disturbance in the galaxy that led me to a planet called Edswagua . For this mission i'm accompanied by a midget called Kevin who is good at squeezing himself into small spaces and Alas a tall skinny dude that has a keen eyesight  that comes in handy to scout up a head. We were heading into Edwagaua's atmosphere when the planets radiation made our system faulty, so we had to land a risky flaming ship on the ground beneath us and the ship only just made it. After the incident we decided to carry some parts from the ship that would help us survive throughout this planet.We walked a couple yards till we found a nice comfy cave to settle in for the night.Once were in the cave Kevin felt like something was following us so we decided to barricade ourselves with some sort sticks hat were lying around the place.We were sleeping peacefully until we all heard a growling noise that echoed throughout the cave. We got Kevin to go through the the armour of sticks and took it down for us and ran into one of the entries that led into the cave. While were running I tripped up and looked behind and there was the creature standing on 7 legs and had one eye and had a body of a spider.     

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  1. I like how you started the story but I saw some spg mistakes and I know you can fix them... I like Kevin how he could squeeze himself and I enjoyed your story. I can see how you didn't 'just' answer the question but linking them together. Nice story.