Tuesday, 23 September 2014

PEEL paragraph (Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS)

Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS because we have a way of learning that the other houses don't because of our computers. Secondly, as we have computers in Rimu house or Multimedia our learning is mostly online where everyone can see our work around the world or only our teachers if they are kept privately.Thirdly, we learn different things than the other house, like maybe using a different app like pages. For example, I can remember a time that my friend was struggling with spreadsheet on google drive, since I had the knowledge I taught him how to use the app because we learnt it in class. If you think Rimu isn't the way for your child that's fine but remember technology is playing a huge role and the sooner you know how to use technology the better thats why Rimu is the best syndicate at TIS.

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