Monday, 23 June 2014

Social experiment

Clarify and predict the title of the video we will watch today: Social Experiment
I predict this video Social Experiment will be about a science project on how to see how social you are. I think this because of the word Social in the title could be how good you can meet new people.I also think it is an experiment because of the word experiment can also mean a test. And in the task of the daily blog post it says we have to write up this video using the science process.

To find out how you would react to certain good and bad comments anonymously

I think people would react quite awkwardly to the recording to the voice. √

Equipment & Method
A stereo √
Citizens √

Step 1.Put the stereo placed on a corner of a shop but ask the shop owners permission first √
Step 2. Have someone filming the video far away to see people expression and body language.√
Step 3. Take the data.

Results (make these up)
My hypothesis was right and most people looked at it strangely and stood there for a minute or two. And some people would walk away.

My results were right and I have learnt that people like to hang around if they have been told a nice comment and if they have not been told a nice comment they simply walk away. If you want someone to hang around with you compliment them nicely.√

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