Sunday, 15 June 2014

2014 fifa world cup

List the 6 menu items McDonalds has which are connected with the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Argentina burger
The Brazil Burger 
The France Burger 
The Italy mc flurry 
The Spain brekkie wrap  
The Rio frozen sprite 
The England pe 

For ONE of these menu items
- list the ingredients
- fully explain the connections between the item and the country the item is connected with. Make sure you explain HOW the ingredients are connected.

Brazil Burger
This burger contains:
Brazil Beef patty: Beef, Red kidney beans, Sweet corn, Red onion, Green capsicum, Red capsicum,Onion

World cup soccer bun: Wheat, Flour, Water, Sugar, Yeast  

Brazil sauce

Why the food is in the burger?
Corn onion and capsicums are in the patty because lots of parts of south america like to eat fresh food with fresh ingredients.

Designing a Burger.
Chile Burger

Fresh lettuce,

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