Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Battle of Gate Pa

  • Heni Karuma is the angel of Gate Pa.
  • Jane Foully was Heni Karuma European name after she married a pub owner called Dennis Foully. 
  • Heni Karuma was famous for being the only women in the battle of gate pa in 1864.
  • The battle started just before dawn. 
  • Before the battle started she was in a small stockade by the main path.    
  • Some people think the story of Heni Karuma never happened. 
  • something inside made her remember when she heard the soldiers cry was if the enemy wants mercy we give it 
  • She went up to an english colonel and gave the water during the night and the colonel said god bless you.  
  • The kernel that she saved was called Kernel Booth. 
  • A friend sent her a picture of an artist that drew the scene of her and the british soldiers and the artist had drawn her as a man.

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