Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Science fair recount

Aim: My aim last year was to find out which way was the best to make your can of soda as cold as possible in ten minutes.

Hypothesis: My hypothesis was that the freezer would be the best way to cool your soda.

Introduction: I know that this topic will be interesting because it takes a while to make something go cold.

Equipment & Method: 5-10 cans of soda, cold water, ice and a thermometer.

Step 1:Grab all your cans of soda and set them on a table.
Step 2:First put one of your cans into the freezer (or put it in whatever different way you are doing it)and leave it there for ten minutes.
Step 3:Grab your can out of the freezer and open it.
Step 4: Grab your thermometer at put it in the soda and leave it
there for a minute then record how cold it was.      

Results: My hypothesis was wrong and the freezer wasn't the best.

Conclusion:My result was a surprise and it just show you that the common way isn't always the best.

What did you do well last year?

Organising my science fair board and placing the pieces of paper and photos on to my board.

What did you find difficult last year?

Choosing a good topic to work on.

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