Monday, 14 April 2014

Bad service for dinner

Faulty service at Burger king,
 Burger king Fraser cove Tauranga,
Tuesday 19th April 2014

Tauranga Intermediate
30 Eighteenth Avenue

Dear owner,

On Thursday afternoon we had gone through the Burger King drive way in Fraser Cove. We had ordered two chicken burgers. My Step dad ordered the whopper junior meal with small fries and l&p as the drink and when he ordered he had a very clear voice.

When we ordered the employe kept asking us our order  over and over again we were getting really annoyed at this problem until he finally got it right. So we drove down the drive through until we go to the window to pay and pick up our order.

 When we had paid for our meal and it got given to us we got the wrong drink and instead of L&P we got coke We said excuse me we ordered l&p not coke. So the employe got us another drink but now it was raspberry so we told him again that we wanted l&p and on the third time he finally got it right and when we started to drive away he said thank you for Coming to KFC.

 Saying this I would like you to have your staff listen and improve their skills when taking someones order at Burger King.


Derek Cerda - Jimenez

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