Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is our books disappearing?

Is the book disappearing as we speak? We'll in a way yes and no.A lot of people that read normal books know that normal books are disappearing and ebooks are the most efficient way to go. For example three million trees are cut down every year for the America alone which makes normal books look bad from the environment point if view. People have even started estimating when books will be in a museum. The most popular estimate is 20 - 50 years time.

Books and digital books both have their ups and downs. For example digital books can be easily damaged by dropping them on the ground but with an ordinary book it just lays on the floor. Normal books can also destroyed but by ripping the pages, with the digital books you can't rip pages which eliminates that hazard. Digital books are more environment friendly than normal books because of the amount of paper that are used to make a single book.So as I have said digital books and normal books have their ups and downs but personally, I like using the good old normal books. But remember the decision is yours digital books or normal books you decide!

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