Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Rotational Symmetry

In your own words explain what rotational symmetry is.
Rotational symmetry is a shape that can be turned around in a 360 degree and in that rotation the shape will match itself.

A shape has an order of rotational symmetry of 2. What does this mean?
This means that the shape has matched it self 2 times in the 360 rotation. That means the shape has rotational symmetry.

How is rotational symmetry different from line symmetry?
Line symmetry doesn't rotate, there is a line that separates the picture in half to see if they are the same on both sides. rotational symmetry rotates the picture in a 360 degree which sees if it can match it self during the 360 rotation.

What do you do to check if a shape has rotational symmetry? 
Rotate the picture at 360. If it matches itself it has rotational symmetry.

Find pictures of 3 real life objects which have rotational symmetry (not shapes, objects e.g. foods, logos) and paste them into your post

Complete this table
If a shape has rotational symmetry of order 3, how many degrees would it rotate to match itself? Answer = 120 degrees

Degrees of rotation to match its shape

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